A.I. & Mentors Powered Angel Syndicate for #FinTech and #Blockchain.

Mentor-powered angel syndicate for exponential investing.

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Is This for You?

Software is eating the world. And yet most benefits are concentrated among venture capitals and in Silicon Valley. For everybody else, investing in tech is often just a risky business.

We are here to change these old habits. We work to extend these benefits to individual investors and outside Silicon Valley.

Our specialization is building communities of smart and dynamic wealthy individuals, sharing know-how and introducing our members to the best fintech and blockchain startups on the market.

Despite the know-how, community and passion, many startups will still fail, while others will revolutionize the lives of billions of people. Investing in tech is not for everybody. Is it for you?

The Rise of the Rest

Progress is not a zero-sum game, but a place for collaboration. New tech hubs can thrive without trying to attract resources out of Silicon Valley. In fact, the most successful regions outside the US are building their own ecosystems.

Having our headquarters in London, we see many startups launched with the support of European angel investors, then working with US venture capitals on their Series A round.

The quote “Rise of the Rest” was initially made popular by Fareed Zakaria, a great journalist. He was talking about politics. Today, the quote is very true for tech, the economy, and the quality of living.

The Rise of the Rest is our mission and our job. Great entrepreneurs are everywhere – we just need to provide them with the proper ecosystem and a great community of investors.

What's in It for You?

If you match our member description, this is what you can get from the angel syndicate.

Mentor Powered

We don’t just introduce startups – we support them with expertise and network all the way to series A and beyond. We are entrepreneurs and tech people ourselves, not just investors.

Community of Leaders

It’s not just about investing. When you join the syndicate, you get access to a global network of like-minded business leaders.

A.I. Powered

We are techies ourselves. We use state of the art OSINT A.I. (Open Source Intelligence), the same used by government intelligence agencies, to check if a token sale is a scam or if it’s hiding something.

Full Resources

You’ll get access to an exclusive online private group where you can ask questions and share your experience, get legal templates, how-to videos and newsletters – so you will always be on the cutting edge.

Events & Training

You’ll have free access to regular events, including EXPANSE – the annual summit for exponential investors. All events are designed to envelop the perfect mix of networking, training, and fun. Serial entrepreneurs and experts will share insights and incoming trends, and provide a number of practical tools to boost your exponential investing.

Passion Based

Many startups fail. Passion, fun, and friendship survive. During your journey, you’ll meet some of the smartest people on the planet, have fun with your fellow investors and build friendships and business partnerships.

15 November 2019 | London

EXPANSE is free for our members. Join us for EXPANSE 2019 – our annual summit for exponential investors. EXPANSE offers a full day of interaction with experts, business networking and social gathering with other business leaders. We complete the day with a scenic cruise down the River Thames to Westminster for our gala dinner.

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