Let's Talk Business

Let's Talk Business

To Founders and Startups

We like you! Period.

Feel free to contact us via the button at the end of this page. Sometimes we are too busy to reply the same day, but we read every message.

However ...

When we started this venture, we were quite excited to get a pitch from random companies. After receiving hundreds of pitches, we are forced to admit, it rarely works. All the startups we are working with have been introduced to us by someone we trust – a friend, a business partner, a university, an acceleration program.

The best way to pitch to us is by way of introduction and personal meeting. There is a list of places where you are likely to meet us, below.

A few more tips

1. We don’t invest in “ideas.” Show us a website, or (better) a minimum viable product, or (even better) a product with existing customers.

2. We don’t invest stand-alone money. We prefer to invest in startups that we can help with our expertise and network.

3. We don’t necessarily invest to “change the world” – that quote is so abused – but still, we will always prefer a startup that can improve at least a portion of it.

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To Investors

If you feel in sync with our goals and activities, welcome! Let's get a coffee, a call, or ask any question you like.

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To Event Organizers

We have quite a background as speakers for conferences and events, with occasional lecturers at universities and other institutions. We love to engage the audience, promote the event, and never be banal. If you are looking for a speaker for your event, drop us a message.

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To Journalists

We love to help you with your article, or share success stories and (ouch!) failures. We are regularly in the media, including occasional TV, radio and podcast interviews.

We believe in what we say, and we’ll promote your work when we are involved.

Here are a few subjects where we are particularly skilled. Feel free to ask any question.

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